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Model: AG-DeathTideJurakins-Shrine
This mysterious huge Shrine found by the fighter's guild near the coast pulsates with a mystical aura. As Jurakins doesn't build over the surface, this made Arcanists and Scholars thinks that in previous eras the water level was much higher and Jurakin people where territories were much more extende..
Model: AG-OniClan-Goraku
Goraku is the most talented spellcaster of the whole Oni Clan. His origins are shrouded in mistery, but it is said that he has been created by Yakazuma by fusing two ogre.Goraku has been his councilor for decades, but he worked with Yoshigruzu to slowly raise an opposition and finally destroy the ty..
Model: AG-DeathTideJurakins-Osteras
The Heroic-King Osteras is the strongest and most dangerous Jurakin in the Death-Tide underwater kingdom. Lord of sea and lakes, he claim to be the chosen of Holmuran, the god of water. He seek to overwhelm the surface reigns like a tsunami, conquering cities and settlement to purge them from the un..
Model: AG-DeathTideJurakins-Kurkalla
Even if the Heroic-King is always a High Jurakin, the real mastermind behind everything is the Tide-Tyrant: a sort of extreme intelligent and manipulator aquatic creature who can live thousand of years. The most prestigious Arcanists claims that Tide Tyrants are the aquatic cousins of Tyrant-Eyes, f..
Model: AG-OniClan-Members
The Oni Clan, headed now by Yoshigruzu, is an orcish clan of great wisdom and honor. The time of a corrupted clan are long gone since Yoshi took the lead by slaying the old evil chief. This band of rogues of the good hearth is composed by the huge Kyogin and Oni variants of Ogre and Orcs who's blood..
Model: AG-OniClan-Lamp
The Oni Clan believes in the reincarnation. Goraku and other Magi pray at the Oni Lamp anytime one of their proud comrades loses his life. It is said that this shrine plays an important role to purify the souls of those orcs and ogres who's blood had been mixed with the one of the demons.Dwarf Marke..
Model: AG-DeathTideJurakins-PopeBlobulbla
The mad Pope Blob-Bulb, called also Blobulblà the Tide Caller by his underlings and lunatic Low-Tide Jurakin, is the highest religious authority in the Death-Tide Kingdom. He's in charge of dark rituals and any kind of spiritual matter. Being on the first line casting Soul Spells to turn Low-Tide wa..
Model: AG-EpicBoss-Sol
Dwarf Market is officially licensed to sell physical prints of Artisan Guild models, obtained through the Artisan Guild Patreon, Shop or “AMAZONS!” Kickstarter. Original digital .stl files of this model can be purchased either by joining the Artisan Guild Patreon (at:
Model: AG-DeathTideJurakins-Telaxia
The high overlord of the Sea Kurkalla, the Tide Tyrant, often grant special gifts to his victims. Telaxia, once a noble knight from the city of Rodon is one of the examples.After the death of his party, who was in charge to destroy the sea Tyrant, she has turned into a corrupted and evil mermaid, pe..
Model: AG-OniClan-Tsuki
Before being torn away from her family to be enslaved and sold to Yakazuma, Tsuki was a young artist with the love for nature, music and dance.She has been raised to be the storyteller of the Oni Clan, keeper of secrets and legends. Dwarf Market is officially licensed to sell physical prints of..
Model: AG-OniClan-Warugo-Yoshigruzu
t is said that the eastern lands were inhabited by an ancient spirit of hatred transformed into a beast by the wickedness of the living: Warugo, the Oni Beast. Its sole purpose of the beast was to free the forest from the evil miners of the Clan. After the cleansing of the Oni Clan by Yoshigruzu, Wa..
Model: AG-OniClan-Yoshigruzu
Brave and proud, Yoshigruzu is a half orc and half ogre born with the predisposition and determination to be a great leader.Yakazuma, the diabolical old leader of the Oni Clan, used to jump from villate to village to recruit the youngest warriors leaving behind him a trail of smoking buildings and d..
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