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Even if the Heroic-King is always a High Jurakin, the real mastermind behind everything is the Tide-Tyrant: a sort of extreme intelligent and manipulator aquatic creature who can live thousand of years. The most prestigious Arcanists claims that Tide Tyrants are the aquatic cousins of Tyrant-Eyes, found in the depths of the earth.
Other legends says that a Tide-Tyrant is born once every few hundred years from a black Jurakin egg in unknown circumstances. This large aberration is capable to control the mind of other creatures, and provide them mutations and lesser mind powers. A Jurakin king is always provided of pecular mutations by the Tide-Tyrant. Expert says that when the King is mounting the Tide-Tyrant to lead his troops in battle, it is in fact the monstrous aberration who's controlling the mind of the Jurakin king to impress and inspire his troops.

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